So we have had a little pullback the past few days.

It is being reported that:

Europe is in recession.

Earnings are going to be flat year over year, coming down markedly over past months.

Total debt will hit $22 trillion real soon.

China’s economy is heading south quickly.

What happens?

We get a nice gap to the upside as foreign markets ramp. What gives?

Remember…easy money. Powell 180 and now talking more QE at any time. Europe abandoned any thought of tightening. Asia the same.

That’s all.

Leadership best in SOFTWARE…with a bunch reporting in the next couple of weeks.

Lesson #1…Never argue with the easy money. Lesson #2….see lesson #1.

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    Mark Shepard says:

    Hi Gary, right as usual! Always appreciate your logic as a degreed engineer. Keeping this article to show my kids. This is why I’ve learned that fundamentals should have less influence on trading over technical analysis. When the markets open, it’s best to lose your opinions so you don’t lose your money. Thanks, and God bless!

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