Most notable is how FINANCIALS have been reacting whether numbers good or not so good. JPM, PNC open down on misses and rally up. Names that beat ramp up…like a GS. MS misses this morning…but only down a wee bit. There is no way the bear resumes unless FINANCIALS roll over again.

Notable: China unleashes a measly $83 billion into the system. Repeat $83 billion. That’s a lot of cake and tells you they are worried.

Notable: Maybe, just maybe the deceleration we have seen in the numbers here are stabilizing and maybe even accelerating a bit here.

There are still no names that have broken out of range and had good moves off the breakout…but a decent amount of set-ups remain.

NETFLIX (NFLX) after the close. We do not think it the biggest bellwether but one we watch nevertheless. The stock has ramped hard since them low in the market and had a strong move off of raising prices.

Up to 800,000 people still not getting paychecks. Our continued motto: both sides suck.

Futures down nominally…we are into the lows of the meat of resistance here…and thousands more names to report.


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    Nina says:

    Why both side suck, we voted for him because the immigration disaster that we have and we been fighting for this since Prs. Regan when they lied to him that he would give them amnesty and he would get border security. The Democrats suck Nancy Pelosi and Shumer, we cannot give in and we have to fix this immigration disasters that we have. We are for immigration legally and not illegal and we cannot give up.

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    les brown says:

    No, Dems suck. When one side makes multiple offers to negotiate I give that side 100%
    When the other side refuses 0%.
    Have the SOU in the Senate or at the border.

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    les says:

    Yes but He didn’t have full power. That’s 60 seats in Congress. It would have been done. Blame McConnel. He should have gone nuclear and got 25 billion to do the job right once and for all. Every time Trump wanted to shut down the Rhinos delayed him. He decided to put his foot down.
    It seems he is one against the world. He needs 100% support from all patriots. Otherwise the far left takes power and we are done.

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    Peter says:

    I figure it’s a win either way. Now we get a streamlined government, the government we pay for. Too bad some people have to work without pay. If we get the wall and some immigration changes great. The only bad thing that could happen is if the president gives up without being able to better secure the borders. Keep it closed indefinitely. Let airports privatize security. Let the congressional Democrats be completely impotent for 2019.

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