Greetings from out west where one falls asleep late and wakes up at 4 am. Yippee!

Futures are up as the bounce off of Wednesday’s nausea continues.

Brazil bounces back a bit off of yesterday’s drubbing. We almost was thinking about probing the drop but no thanks.

NASDAQ/NDX/SOX remain the strongest but leave no doubt a crowded trade. That’s how you get a 150+ down day in the Nasdaq. But you can see on any up day, market is back into these areas.

Gaps this morning…

ADSK…big losses, gap up…go figure.  DE another gap to upside off of a nice range. Others are MCK and to lesser extent, ROST and GPS.

CPB and FL gapping down.

We will have a complete report on the weekend as well as the vile reaction by some on social media to someone’s death. What is the matter with these people?