Futures are up a wee bit after an eventful evening. Lots of whining and complaining by the media. Our take: it is a great opportunity. May lead to nothing but life is about opportunities. Hopefully, this one is a success.

No complaints. Markets have been edging higher. Selling has been limited. Beta has been picking up, particularly some new IPOs. Keep in mind, many of them have no earnings.

Other notes:

COINS got whacked again yesterday on a story about hacking. Will leave it at that.

TESLA (TSLA) back in gear off of WE DON’T KNOW! Still losing a ton of money and still has to raise more capital.

Strong action out of the TRANSPORTS even with the weaker close yesterday. RAILS, TRUCKERS but also seeing a couple of AIRLINES trying to emerge.

EMERGING MARKETS still submerged.

BIG FINANCIALS still not happening with names like C, GS, MS downright ugly.