Another good day. More set-ups…new highs expanding…and volume picked up. S&P also now above the 50 day.

Now just back into the range and a little overbought…would love to see a few days settling in. Will set things up very nicely. Also, very important SEMIS and FINANCIALS coming alive quickly. Market will not go up without them.

OILS/ENERGY still lead…and sorry, probably another 10-20 cents at the pump soon. Every 10 cents is $10 billion out of pocket for the consumer over a year’s time…not to mention the affect on business, especially airlines, truckers and cruise lines.

Thrilled that 3 Americans are back home. Not thrilled the Mets batted out of order. This wouldn’t happen in little league.

BKNG decent gap down…stops this leader dead in its tracks.