All you need to know is that SEMIS moving to highs…NASDAQ/NDX remain strong…growth completely ignoring any market weakness…REGIONAL BANKS (KRE) to new highs…bigger FINANCIALS not buckling. This all happening while so many other areas are in bad shape.

There is no chance of going back to the lows and no chance of a bear market IF this continues. Bear markets do not happen if FINANCIALS are holding up, SEMIS are in new high ground and growth is leading.

We heard  there was someone from a big firm calling for a 40% correction in the next couple of years. That’s not a correction. That is a blasting. Anything is possible but impossible unless these important areas break down. Ain’t happening yet.

And tariffs are getting watered down and will continue to be watered down.

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    anti semite says:

    All you need to know,

    if SPY breaks up,
    and holds,
    the market will follow.
    Yoda has two secret indicators,
    and the signal is saying,
    no matter how high this market goes,
    looking out,



    Yoda, the all knowing.

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