Uh…uh…uh…a big gap to the upside. What was your guess?

The thought process was that Friday’s reversal off of long term support was A low for now. And now…a HUGE GAP TO THE UPSIDE this morning. We shall leave it at that as there is no way of gaming this except to guess the gap. Need some cards coming out of deck. Go check the intraday action from Friday as well as all of last week.

More as this plays out. Nothing to really report out of earnings this morning.




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  1. kent hughes says:

    The last time we had this big a drop in a short period off an all time high was in 1928. Amazingly, the market recovered in one week not just back to the all time high but an additional 6%. Good ol’ Calvin Coolidge!

  2. Scott Boucher says:

    I listen to your podcasts daily and really appreciate the updates! And I went to Scottsdale Finamcial Fest, just to see you! Having said that, your microphone seems to fail almost daily now, especially 2/13/18 Podcast, hopefully get fixed soon?

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