Happy almost new year.

Our recent oil/energy/commodity theme continues this morning as the dollar continues to slump, lifting commodities. Price of oil, copper, steel and all that crap continue higher. Copper is up 16 days in a row. Recent breakouts in SCCO, RIO, BHP, SCHN, STLD and others working. Time to look for anticipated but not guaranteed pullbacks.

We shall leave it at that. Happy new year. If you are drinking New Year’s eve…DO NOT DRIVE.

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    michael says:

    Hi Gary, I am invested in the market and wanted to know your thoughts on whether the fact that there’s been no Christmas Rally so far (has the tax bill passage and massive Christmas retail sales already been configured into the market prices- DOW, S&P, etc?) means the beginning of a major drop in the market – or a temporary lull? I’m recent to the investing world and a little nervous about a major dip at this point. Like so many others, I buy HIGH and SELL low/lower. Well, I’ll learn. Thank you. 12/30/2017

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