Felt like no one on the road and no one in my building today. Usually take me 45 minutes+ to drive 14 highway miles on I-4 but today, no traffic at all.

There is stuff going on though not a ton.

CRYPTO stocks strong. Get this one:

INDIA GLOBALIZATION CAPITAL (IGC) announces:  ” Looking to leverage existing assets to develop methods to utilize blockchain!” The stock closed at 66 cents…now $1.52. So…all the rest of the questionable crypto crap up…RIOT up $10, LFIN up 12%…of course, they were all crushed last week. PICK YOUR POISON.

The other big news:

“AAPL shares are trading lower by 2.2% following a Bloomberg report on reduced iPhone X shipment forecasts by analysts.  The article cites an analyst from China indicating that shipments may be 10 mln units lower than previously estimated !”

That is hurting QQQ as well as AAPL suppliers. Other analysts out defending saying there will eventually be sales…or something like that. S&P futures down 2/10%. QQQ down 6/10%.

OIL PRICES (now a must watch with oil stocks) small green this morning.