More of the same this morning. DOW futures up 80…S&P only about 3 and NDX futures hardly up. NDX futures were down decently about an hour ago but have since bounced.

Reading many saying these divergences augur trouble to come. They could be right but we are not there yet. We would rather just stay in tune with what is and what isn’t. If what is joins in the downside, then we can talk. But so far, even with yesterday’s DOW reversal, FINANCIALS, TRANSPORTS, RETAIL, HOUSING-related still very strong off the tax bill…

BUT…them are some ugly patterns in big name growth/tech/semis and all that stuff. Keep in mind what we told you about the SEMIS. Look at June 9th for a possible precedent. Big ugly down day followed by 3 months of range-bound before breaking out again. Nov 29 down day looks about the same. We are not saying the same thing happens. We could have seen the final top. Just outlining possibilities. We always adhere with what is in front of us.