Futures about as flat as flat can be but:

COHR breakaway gap to the upside.

TTWO strong gap to the upside.

Other gappers are DXC, PLNT, MTCH, SYNA, REGN, HUM.

Not a lot on downside. SNAP whacked even though someone taking a position in company. WIX, WEN, MGM, DVA also down.

Just to recap yesterday:

FINANCIALS yuck day and to be watched. TRANSPORTS edge below the 50 day. RUSSELL 2000, which have lagged forever, may be rolling over…at least headed to the 50 day. DIVERGENCES showing up.

None of this means anything until major indices follow suit…and so far, nothing doing.

On the political front:

SOCIALIST party won a bunch last night. BUT…they won NJ…a blue state big time…and after Christie…blah. VA a blue state also…but message to Donald Trump. You had better get your “presidentialness” in gear. I personally know a ton of people who voted for you…who would NOT vote for you today…and they all say the same thing….”does not act as a President!” They think it is a toss up on policy….some good things, some things they are not thrilled with but this person thinks it is imperative to realize politics and elections are about popularity and momentum. There is no way to get any momentum when your poll numbers are in the 30s, when you call others SOBs, when you call out someone or something every week. I would suggest you read “HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE” and understand you get more when you treat better. I am not talking about the sleazy, slimy, corrupt media. They deserve to be ripped on.