Under President Obama, depending on which abacus you use, about $8 trillion of new debt was foisted upon an unwary public. Some say it is closer to $9 trillion. Simply put, President Obama gets the championship belt on debt. We are now to the point where last year, total interest on everything paid by taxpayers was over $450 BILLION because of all the debt created as well as all the programs created. Funny, I don’t remember hearing one person in the mainstream media report on this.  But there is a new sheriff in town so guess what is reported? I would like to say I was making this up but I am not. To repeat, after not reporting the massive build-up of debt under President Obama and with the media blacking out any news of the debt as well as the ultimate screwing of the tax payer, this is what gets reported today. All of a sudden, the tax payer matters. Just click on the picture!


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    John Rowland says:

    Gary, keep talking the debt. It is all we should be talking about. Some leftist think tank put out a suggestion that each American be given one thousand a month by the government. This they claim will spur growth( Holy Broken Widow Fallacy, Batman!!). Where will they get the money? Add it to the national debt. You might say that this kook idea will never fly….that its absurd, but look at Bernie’s single payer plan- set to become the advocated policy of the Democratic party.
    At some point this debt will have to be repudiated. I do not believe it is lunacy to believe that our leftist party will eventually propose an open repudiation. Or a system of confiscation in the name of repaying the debt. You and I, sir, will then be referred to as kulaks. Think I am an apocalyptic kook? The American people elected a man president who pretty openly disliked America. Who would have predicted that?

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    Jim says:

    That was because it is such a great deal for Americans due to the amount of money saved, right? I thought everytime the president traveled it cost millions, I am thinking roughly $3-6m because if all the security involved and other players that had to go too. Bush used to like to come to Phoenix and I worked by the airport and would watch airforce 1 land. Would see all the limos in the motorcade. His entourage would occupy the entire Royal Palms hotel. Not too shabby. BTW, what the heck happened to that $8T? You should do a bit sometime to explain how much that is. Most people dont know the difference between, M, B and T (my wife included).

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