——Over the weekend, we will have thoughts on the latest debate…AND…we were suspended from Twitter for 12 hours. We will tell you why and just how ridiculous and biased the platform may be. In the meantime:—-
—–We think a decent chance of a little change of complexion here. After all, there has hardly been a respite in the market as it has made its way higher. This is especially so for the higher beta growth areas which are beyond extended from the norm. Recently, we have seen a bunch of moves that could only be considered what we call “Eiffel Tower” moves and we have seen it it names like SPCE that has no sales…but hey, they will fly people into space. Normally markets get to the point where they must work off that froth before going higher. One can never be 100% certain especially with maniacal central banks at the ready (they were yapping their bs this morning)…but thinking we may be at some sort of inflection point. Doesn’t mean the end of the world. Doesn’t mean any pullback won’t be short-lived. Just be on notice there is a chance the complexion may have changed. Specific areas of the market have been way overdue. After all, the NASDAQ was up almost double digits this year and it is not even March. Again, it may just be a return to some normality. Normality is not a bad thing.
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    Philip Raczka says:

    I have to tell you this but I know you know this already, and I don’t have an answer. Gary, love your work with markets and the politics. On your radio show and website, and your at Fox, you’re preaching to the choir.
    Somehow you need to “get to” the voting public that needs your logical approach to the political scene. Who they are, where they are, what they read, watch, or listen to? I do not know. I hope & pray you can find the right media to get to them so you can help keep the country on the right path. Thanks for your work. Phil

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    David Foster says:

    Gary, you do the best impression of Bernie Sander’s out there, please do more of him. You bury him. Thanks.

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    Peter Labarca says:

    It’s pretty obvious that social media giants are misusing their platform by picking and choosing what they think is offensive. It’s like if Verizon didn’t like your text messages and suspended your service. We need a social media bill of rights that requires a court order to suspend, delete, block an account or user.

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