Numbers do not lie!

By Gary Kaltbaum-June 28,2016
We double checked these numbers. They had better be right.
After the recent smackdown of markets, we thought it important we sent this out again just to make a point of what all the easy money has brought or bought. We are optimists but we deal in facts first and foremost.
At yesterday’s lows:
The S&P was down 6.7% from highs and was trading where it was in Sept 2014.
The Dow…down 7.5% and Sept 2014.
Nasdaq…down 12.6% and Sept 2014.
Nasdaq 100…down 11.8% and Nov 2014.
Transports…down 24.5% and Nov 2013.
Russell 2000…down 16.2% and Oct 2013.
NYSE…down 11.9% and July 07…no…not kidding.
XLF…down 43% and trading where it was in 1999. Yes…financials and yes 1999!
How about foreign markets?
German Dax…down 25.6% and Jan 2014.
FTSE…down 18.7% and March 98…again…not kidding. We were surprised about this.
Shanghai…down a whopping 54%…and Feb 07.
Nikkei…down an unreal 61.8%/all time high in 1989 at 38,957. How’s that money printing working for you?
Hang Seng…38.5% and Jan 07.
Of course, off the lows of 09, markets have moved nicely off the back of a normal recovery but leave no doubt, off the largess of central banks to the tune of $15-20 trillion of printed money, 0% rates forever, negative rates and the outright buying of markets by these unelected, unaccountable easy money maniacs.
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    anti semite says:

    Blab blab blab…..

    What it really boils down to, is, the uup is very over bought, and the market is very over sold.
    If/when the dollar pulls back, the market will rally…….. until the dollar stops pulling back.

    Q: Will we rally to the descending 50d MA ?

    A: I dunno, that depends upon;
    1, how far the dollar falls.
    2, how much money the big money wants to put into the market right at EOQ ( end of quarter).

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