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    Andrew says:

    I can already see Obamas retort to this….”Stricter regulation on being alive would solve this problem. We can open a new branch of government aimed at issuing life permits. After you go through the permitting process and have cleared the environmental impacts of your life approved through the EPA and the world health organization you will be allowed to live. As long as you have a life permit you will conitue to get your benefits. If your life permits lapses or you die your benefits will automatically stop. There is an appeal process for anyone that is denied a life permit. Your company and your doctor will have to send certified payrolls and bills of health to prove you are capable of living which the newly established life panel (not to be confused in any way with the “death panel” that was established with the new health care law) will review and rule on. Its a perfect solution and one that the American people deserve.”

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