By Gary Kaltbaum- August 9, 2017

Disclaimer: Expect a couple of expletives. Could not help it. Serenity now!

Disclaimer: I continue to give Donald Trump about a 3-4 out of 10. I do not like his lack of presidential acumen. I do not like the many “untruths!” I do not like that the big stuff has not got done. (Though we give lots of that blame on the house and senate) I do like his full-throated backing of men and women in uniform. I do like his business-friendly actions. I do like his rolling back of onerous regulations. I am hopeful that he grows into the job. Time will tell. But:

What in blue hell is going on here? I woke up early to get the lay of the land on all this North Korea noise. I actually was expecting, for a change, a conversation on how we got here. A conversation on how Clinton’s deal did not work…a conversation on Bush’s 8 years paying attention to Iraq while North Korea continued its nuclear program…a conversation on Obama’s “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” foreign policy. NO! We are getting none of that. Would you like to know what we are getting?

We are getting THE SAME PUNDITS AND THE SAME POLITICIANS WHO HAVE WATCHED, WHO DID NOTHING, WHO SAID NOTHING, WHO ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING with North Korea over the past 20 years leading us to this point where we now maybe, possibly, could be, we really actually have to worry about North Korea. And what are they saying? “How dare Donald Trump talk tough?” All morning long, a parade of people who have been mute on North Korea, who have been wrong on North Korea, who have sat on the sidelines on North Korea now having loud voices on North Korea and not on what a dick Kim Jung Un is, not on how bad a human Kim Jong Un is, not on how we got here, not on how the North Korean people are inches smaller than the norm because they are starved, not on the murders of his own family, the hostage taking, the kidnapping, the depressive, repressive state of North Korea…BUT RIPPING DONALD TRUMP FOR HIS TOUGH TALK! All morning long…”look what he said,” “terrible thing to say,” “will only fan the fires,”…BLAH BLAH BLAH!

So, we get politicians like  Schumer, Feinstein, McCain. We get the spectators from the NY Times and the Washington Post with last names like Ignatius.  We get people from the past 3 administrations. We get all the geniuses, all the usual suspects  who were in position to get in front of North Korea, do something about North Korea, who have sat on their ass for 20 years saying nothing, reporting nothing and missing everything on North Korea…are ripping Trump…for his words.  And as usual, outlets (they are not media outlets any more) like CNN and MSNBC drive the bus. One is worse than the other.

We continue to be amazed how these media-types have one agenda every minute of every day. “Donald Trump sucks!” We can only imagine the production meetings every morning:

“So…what can we say bad about Trump today?”

“Well, yesterday he ate his pasta the wrong way! That should make Italian/Americans mad at him!”

“Hmm! Not sure that will fly. Do you have anything better?”

” He said he was a Mets fan but we have video from 1997 saying he was a Yankees fan?”

” Hmmm…too concentrated. We won’t piss off enough people!”

” Russia, Russia, Russia!”

“Forgot about that! It’s only been 1 hour! It’s a winner!”

We repeat…the same politicians and pundits that have been a party to and brought us $20 trillion of debt, massive deficits, a gargantuan welfare state, a lied about failing healthcare system, infrastructure issues, an out of control central bank  and now North Korea…are now whining and complaining about words and are now telling us what to do and what needs to be done. Do these people even know how stupid and hypocritical they look? Doubt it! Feel better now!



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  1. Richard De Graff says:

    Every President gets tried in the first year. This time China backed down and Putin t became more friendly. The stupid Congress did not see Trumps chance to combine three powers and clean up messes in Iran, Chechnya, and ISIS.
    Honest trade is important to all three.
    Cheerio !!!

  2. Myron says:

    if you can stand listening, go to the three late night talk shows and see what they are saying about North Korea and Trump……all these a-holes are playing it as a BIG JOKE……a real time, nuclear threat with thousands of lives lost a joke! And Mr. Trump/Tillerson is the cause of it! Everybody in the audience laughing, clapping and just thinking its so cool to feel so giddy about nuclear war, people losing there lives, families destroyed, etc. I was so taken back with this…..can’t remember a time when we felt the threat of NW is a joke, a play thing to laugh at…..we could very well be on the verge of carnage and all these buffoons can do is treat it like a joke, a laughable subject with funny consequences. This is a sick society where the ones that scream the loudest can control the masses…all for laughs……God help us, if its possible. We may already be past the point of reentry.

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