TTD big gapper to the upside this morning. Been a leader and now…even more.

Turkey (TUR) going to get whacked even more this morning as the Trumpster puts higher tariffs on them. Don’t piss off the Trumpster. When you have a chance, go google what is going on in Turkey, economically and politically. The Turkish Lira has been in free fall.

We have been mentioning that quite a few SEMICONDUCTOR names were acting poorly with a few names still acting well. MCHP gapping down this morning and weak INTC downgraded. We always watch this group.

Not hearing much else on TESLA this morning but to be blunt. There had better be a real offer at the $420 or else.

Lastly, please remember more than 40% of the market has not participated…thus very narrow. Narrow is not a good thing. Always would rather have more broad based moves. Foreign markets also continue to under-perform.

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    Brian G says:

    Love this commentary – read it every morning… get a good pulse on US & global economy. PLUS ITS FREE !

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