Sorry about pre-market…still no phones or internet at office. Hotspot was spotty. Still nothing at the house. Yummy. I know they are working hard around Florida to get things up so no complaining.

As I write this:

THE SEMIS (SOX) looks poised to break out of a 14 week trading range. The SOX topped on the vicious June 9th drop after becoming extended and has taken this much time to work through the supply. If it can move out, it will go a long way in keeping the market moving forward as it has been the leading group for quite a while. There are already a few names into new high ground and some very close.

Otherwise, mostly quiet but very constructive action in the indices this week. FINANCIALS bumped back into trading range…but still no leadership there.

COMMODITIES in pullback mode as dollar strengthened a bit past couple of days. A few names broke back below the 50 day.

More tonight on radio and right here.


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    Dr. Wayne Kerch says:

    Gary, I listen to you every day and I love your show. I agree with almost all your thoughts but the thing has annoyed me each day as I listen is that raunchy theme music that you play before each “Market Wrap.” Those raunchy guitar cords just don’t belong on a program hosted by a great money manager like you. Would you please replace those raunchy sounds In that sound bite with something much more professional that a financial program like yours deserves.
    Gary, your advice is always good and conscientious but please give us some more professional theme music. We have listened to that present noise for long enough.
    A faithful listener,
    Dr. Wayne Kerch

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