kaltbaum weekend report

AMGN- Acting just fine.
ALXN– Broke badly…very badly…goner.
EXPE– Gaps up strong on decelerating earnings…but goes back on this list.
EBAY- Good reaction to numbers…fine for now.
HD- Holding 50 day.
KORS- Still tight above 50 day. Needs to hold in here.
MA Pulls back right into the 50 day and holds for now.
N- Strong reaction to earnings.
SHW– Finally a goner…breaks 50 day and trendline badly.
UA– Breaks badly on numbers…goner!
ULTA– Off list as it heads deeper below 50 day.
V- Just pulling back so far.
WFM– Breaks 50 day and off list.
5 names come off list…with EXPE added back on….leaving only 7 names on this list…which is not good news. The only decent news is that maybe…just maybe…the market trying to carve out a near-term low into end of month. I say this because some major indices sitting on the 200 day where I do not think the market will give up so easily. On top of that, AAPL maybe held the 200 day…which will be important. AMZN had good reaction off of crappy numbers…which helped. I will probably add CMCSA and LL to the list soon…but not buyable right now.
There is not much more to add. Looks like the NYSE will close the floor but be open electronically. Only Wall Street cares more about money than just letting go for a day. Not sure there will be a tone of trading tomorrow and Tuesday because of the colossal storm.