More yapping by ecb this morning…today, it is Socialist Hollande of France saying the euro will be saved. This from a man who is raising taxes to 75% and lowering retirement age from 62 to 60 and telling Peugeot that cannot let go of anyone even though demand has slowed because of govt policy.
S&P futures are flat to up…NDX futures up decently but that is mostly AAPL which is up $8 as IPHONE 5 being announced in Sept…but it will not be called IPHONE 5. Apple decides no more numbers…hmmmm!
CRUS back in play. They are predicting bigger numbers because of the new Iphone coming out. Will see if it puts in a handle or flag off the gap.
AAPL is just back in range…but looking back, maybe should have probed breaking back above the 50 day on Friday. Nevetheless, we will catch it if it breaks out again.
Gapping down…
COH down huge.
HUM big.