kaltbaum premarket

Just woke up…vacation almost over.

I think even the incompetent bast–ds in Washington will come up with something today…JUST BECA– USE THEY DONT WANT TO GO INTO THE NEW YEAR WITHOUT SOMETHING. Doesn’t matter if it is crap. I would guess that any deal pops the market but I would laugh my — off if the market actually sells off on any news…but I doubt it.

Being a cynic of everything that happens on Wall Street (can you blame me), I find it thrilling to see…at least I heard that Barrons published an article over the weekend bullish on the almighty AAPL. Hmmmmm! You mean someone didn’t get a hold of a journalist that said…please Mr Journalist…just one nudge for a stock we are getting killed on before year-end. Every $1 is a $billion in market cap to us….please please please. So…AAPL is up $15 as I write this…that’s a whopping $15 billion before year-end for the boys. Oh Gary…you dont really believe that shenanigans like that goes on…do you? I will stop right there.

The good news is that a few charts are nice and tight in here…EQIX,SHW,EBAY,EXPE,CRM,RAX and a few others. So if we can get the market moving…there will be some things to do. Otherwise, 6 hours to wait for the boobs to get something down on the fake and conjured up fiscal stiff which will do nothing for no one…and the outcome will be higher taxes and more government spending and higher deficits. I watched the Prez state he cut spending $1 trillion and David Gregory of MEET DISTRESSED not say a freakin word of this obvious, in plain sight lie. Welcome to our media. They are just as good as the media in Venezuela.