kaltbaum premarket

Wanted to clear a couple things up:
The leaders list I send to you is for your review. It is what I believe are the best institutionally owned growth names…typically trading more than 750,000/day…notwithstanding something like a CMG. The list also contains comments on each to give you an idea where things stand. It is a must you check out the charts for yourself to see exactly what I am talking about. It doesn’t mean you just go out and buy them. Also, anything breaking below the 50 day/10 week typically comes off the list.
In markets like this…where we have ridiculous whipsaws, gaps to the upside and downside, things can change. In recent days, we have seen a real ugly sell right at resistance but the ability for the leaders list to show real underlying strength versus the market…
In an uptrending market or when everything is dead, it is much easier. So we walk into today…and another big gap to the downside. A NY TIMES article was written that stated China government is not telling the truth about the slowdown and that it is much worse than reported. Of course, we already know about Europe.
So do nothing right here…regardless of my comments over the weekend. We need to see what happens with another gap to the downside. Simple as that.