kaltbaum pre market

I gave you a list of potential shorts last night. Hold on to them. We will play off them…as well as some others. I will get back to you. Shorting aint easy. It is a pain in the rear because rallies in bear phases are swift and many times are gapped. This weekend is the Greek election and next week, the criminals(the fed) meet to decide how to manipulate things going forward…thus my being gunshy. But charts usually play out so when I see so many setting up, things usually move that way.



Amazing to see NOK under $2.50 and now going to fire a lot of people. This was my biggest position in the late 90s.

Futures are up a wee bit but were never up big or down big during the night.

I will be back with plays but unsure of timing. I do not want to overtrade. Just look at the action of the past 3 days…a carving up.