kaltbaum on end of month/quarter trading

I am sure you know I believe the crooks paint the tape into month-end and quarter-end. It seems that just about every end-of-month moves higher. I took some time today and went over just the past 4 years. I used the 20th of every month into the end of month and here are the facts:
Using the Nasdaq…out of the 48 months:
Only 2 were down decently. Both occurred in 2010 when we experienced some wild swings.
Only 4 other times was the market down. I am not making this up.
The market was flat 14 times.
The market was up 28 times. Many of these times up nicely.
Change the date to the 23rd until the end of the month and it gets even better:
Take 4 of the flat and put them into the up column…thus 32 up…10 flat….6 down…with only 2 down decently.
I will be going back 10 years over the weekend. But already, it speaks for itself. By the way, painting the tape is illegal…so it really doesn’t happen. BTW…this month…market reversed on the 16th and turned up on the 19th…rallied into today…last day of month…and somehow, now showing some churning.
Lastly, very often, these rallies into end of the month and quarter…petered out right into the next month.