kaltbaum email

First the leader’s list:
AAPL- Heading back into 10 week/50 day average.
AMZN- Pullback mode.
ALXN- No issues…riding up 21 day.
BIIB- Fails to break out again…holds 50 day on pullback.
CRUS-Pulls in hard with AAPL…taking off this list for now.
EQIX- Still no issues at all.
EXPE- Small cup and handle…needs to move above handle with volume.
EBAY- Now in pullback mode.
GOOG- Very strong and very extended.
HD- Strong but extended…just continues up.
HAIN– Failed short stroke pattern…no bid since. Taking off list for now.
KORS- Secondary priced Monday night. Deadened the stock right now.
MLNX– Taking off list…living under 50 day with poor action.
N- Moves out of short base into new highs.
SHW- No issues…no entry…THEY SELL PAINT!
SWI- Sharply back into the 50 day.
UA- Back under 50 day and almost off this list.
ULTA-Not much happening off recent strong gap.
V- Sitting tightly in here.
WFM- Also pulling back into the 50 day.
As you can see, CRUS,HAIN,MLNX coming off with SWI and UA on the cusp. Market pulled back nominally last week but average stock hit a little more. During the week, service sold half of AMZN and KORS with a good profit…keeping the other half. TSCO also looks ready to move above resistance. You can buy more moving above $101.28.
We are now into October where many say it is a less-then-thrilling month. But I couldn’t care less. Pay attention to the market Also, we start the Presidential debates this week with the election looming. And oh yeah….a little something called earnings coming out in next few weeks. So a lot on the plate.
I am just going to add SLV again if it moves above $34.05. The service owned before but sold too quickly. The service will also add back the GLD but dont have an exact price yet…as the 9/21 action has a bar sticking up…so it will be more about feel with that one…and will get back to you.
Also…watching names like LULU,MON,WPI,CF and a few others.