kaltbaum email

Just a few days left in this month…and may I say major indices now hanging on the ledge of a bearish wedge. That rhymes. I suspect we will get some end of month action and then have to deal with the fed next tues and wed…so will continue to go slow. I am more apt to short and for sure, not many longs left…but have to be aware of big ben.
IACI,LL,SWI had real strong reactions today so they will now be watched for any entries going forward. but certainly not now.
PCLN now showing CMG characteristics…which does not augur well as many leaders history. Will be back in the morning where maybe we can make a couple of plays but the issue is that I dont want to have to trade in the morning and trade out in the afternoon. This is just a crappy environment and a lot of our success is recognizing that,