kaltbaum email

Well…just woke up…I see my sarcastic pre market report already coming to fruition. Our wonderful president who has hamstrung this economy with $6 trillion in debt and another $10 trillion to come over the next few years…is going to offer a “scaled back budget package.” What the heck does that mean? Of course, they can announce that the prez ate a hamburger instead of a salad for lunch and they will try and rally the market. Anyway…the dow rallied 90 points on that non-news.
It should be noted that I do believe something will get done on the fiscal cliff…but it will be just another scam…government spending will continue to skyrocket as well as taxes and regulations. If they cant get it though the front door, it will come through the back door…NO PUN INTENDED. Keep in mind, there are huge tax increases and govt spending in Obamacare. but I do expect the market to have some sort of pop on that news…when it occurs. I just have no clue if any pop lasts. And yes…that is just a guess as there is no way to predict this crap.
Going back to sleep.