kaltbaum email

I think for maybe the 3rd time in the past year, there will most likely not be a report tomorrow night as I will be traveling.
For example…set-ups on the long side are names like MON,MSI,BG,LNKD,WPI,KMX,EOG while on the other end, short set ups in names like SLB,WSM,OCN,M,CSX,KLAC…meaning in my years, I don’t think I have seen such a split tape.
The problem for me is growth…CRM is the only thing really moving…everything else just sits. I am not sure how long that lasts….but we will be patient and play things as they come.
The above names are just examples…if any start to move, I may look to play but the problem with split tapes is that you just dont get too much on either side. I really dont like playing during holidays but again, if something gets going, I will let you know.