To our friends in the path of Florence,

As someone who has been through many weather events, not only hurricanes but also tornadoes (my first week in Florida had a tornado rip through my apartment)…DO NOT SCREW WITH MOTHER NATURE. Err on the side of caution. Hurricanes have no bias. Rich or poor…race, creed, color…does not matter. They will destroy any and all in their path. I have seen it and experienced it first hand. I helped out and toured the devastation of Andrew. It looked like a nuclear bomb went off. I watched 3 hurricanes pass through Central Florida in 2004. I saw the devastation of Irma last year.

If you can, GET OUT. GET AWAY. Go west and go west fast. Go south and go south fast. Go north and go north fast. Maybe it will be less than expected. Maybe not. Life is more important. Everything else pales in comparison.

Just thinking of you!