By Gary Kaltbaum- November 26, 2018
Hey…the market is up this morning. Not to throw cold water on any rally but let’s just remember, in just the past 9.5 days, from peak to trough, major indices have dropped 7-10%. On top of that, the DOW is 900 points BELOW the longer-term 200 day moving average. Hopefully, with bearish sentiment picking up, with stretched and extended conditions and with expectations low for the Trump-Xi meeting…that the worst is over for now. After all, it is way overdue. Do not also forget we are now in the month end, window dressing period as well as heading into December. Just don’t blink! Just don’t forget we get rallies right now because of weakness, not because of strength. Hoping for better days ahead.
And did you watch my Giants just give away a season ending game yesterday?
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