By Gary Kaltbaum- September 8,2017 
I was going to do a nasty report on this latest deal between Trump and the Dems but figured that can wait. Will have plenty of time over the weekend for it.
Looks like we will get a Cat 2-3 here in Central Florida. I would like to say that’s good news, especially when expectations was for a 4, but I have been in every type of hurricane and CAT 2-3 sucks. I am expecting 100 mph winds with gusts even higher. Lots of rain and chance of tornadoes. I cannot even imagine South Florida right now. I lived just north of Hurricane Andrew’s hit. A few buddies and I went down there to volunteer after it hit…and to be blunt, we all thought a nuke hit.
This hurricane is much bigger in size. Simple as that. I do not even want to think of what kind of damage this hurricane will do. I would suggest the only good news is that it is moving fast. But I am expecting serious and massive damage. 
Traffic east to west on I-4 was non-existent this morning. Downtown feels like and is a ghost town. All company-owned Starbucks are shut. Gas is still plentiful here though some stations have run out. South to north driving  is a different story. As I write this, I-95 and I-75 into the Florida’s turnpike are basically parking lots. Airports are packed as people are trying to get out at the last minute. Private jets are numerous and have backed up take-offs. Schools are shut today and Monday and as I said, looks like many stayed home.  
On a positive note, I do not compliment government figures very often but Governor Ric Scott has done a fabulous job, out in front early and consistently. He really looks and acts the part of a leader.
We here in Florida all just watched Harvey. It looks like it is our turn. We are all ready. We are all keeping fingers crossed. Wish us well.