I guess it was just a matter of time…but finally, the market is coming after the big growth leaders off of late stage bases. Names like Priceline and Bidu come to mind but I must add that Apple now looks to be coming under pressure. Remember, in bear markets, they will eventually come after everything as anything sticking its head up and in big profits will get taken down.


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    Butch W. says:

    As the tides taking out everything in it’s way I am starting to believe that it does no good to fight the market.
    The hardest thing for a guy like me to do is to realize and really take to heart the fact that bull and bear cycles are not only beneficial but necessary to maintain a healthy market.. (not that this market resembles health) and it’s usually when the government intervenes we get these distortions.. so I have finally decided to quit being a cheerleader for my pet concerns and try to watch what is really going on..
    as you say on closing each day about your kids..if you get to the point where you can’t enjoy the sunrise because of the schizoid market each day- is it really worth your limited time on this earth?

    Thanks for your daily dose of truthfulness- it’s a rare commodity and in short supply anymore.

    • gary kaltbaum
      gary kaltbaum says:

      One has to realize there are bull markets…there are bear markets…and there are nauseating markets. Right now, this is a bearish market but of the nauseating kind as it tempts and teases.

      I have personally played it very light…keeping my capital and emotions in check…so when we do come out of this…and eventually, it will…I will be better off.

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