The Fed has been wise and courageous with it’s policy!

The Fed has been wise and courageous with its policy. No…we don’t believe that. Lloyd Blankfein does. Yes…the Head of Goldman says the Fed is wise and courageous. MEMO TO LLOYD…courageous is our soldiers who head into harm’s way every day. There is nothing courageous about a few unelected people who press buttons on computers to print trillions of dollars to save the market’s and your ass.

As we told you here, we expected the Fed to intervene as they refuse to let markets be free. They know markets are now used to the drug of printed money and cannot stand on their own two feet. They saw the 17 and 20% drops the last two times there was no printing and they see the recent action as they have been testing the lowering of QE. The Fed started their intervention by sending out Williams and Bullard to state we should stop the lowering of QE and indeed, look to another QE. Markets reacted twice and now we get the pre-market pop. We do not want to see what the market looks like if it ever starts ignoring the money printing.

We told you yesterday that markets looked like they were trying to carve out a low and we think they have. Two days of huge reversals, two days of oputperformance by the smalls,trans,semis and others, and two days of the Fed has done the trick. Keep in mind, tons of technical damage has been done. We are always ready to expect the unexpected but we do not believe this will be a straight up affair. We do not expect an “A” type rally but more of a “C”! We expect continued whippiness. (Is that a word?)There is no way of knowing if this is THE low but we now expect the Fed to be market friendly and election friendly on Oct. 29. They may even go back on their word of stopping QE completely…in which we expect markets to be happy with.

If the lower odds chance that the market just turns tail again, look out!

And as we said would happen…the Fed now intervenes!

Saint Louis Fed President James Bullard says Fed should delay ending QE!

With that, the Fed is now targeting the market again. A statement like this is not by chance…it is by choice and it is on purpose.

We hate Central Banks…especially our Central Bank that believe they are omnipotent and believe they can engineer economies and markets forever. Well, forever is a long time. For a few years, these unelected %#%@% have rigged markets, distorted price and yield, killed savers, created more bubbles and enabled massive leverage. As we have stated, ULTIMATELY, this is a toxic cocktail that has always lead to busts. We are in hopes that this time is different but there is too much precedent to ignore.

As we write this, markets again are defending yesterday’s lows and just rallied furiously off of this man’s words. We hope and suspect with the markets soooo stretched and oversold combined with the Fed ready to QE5,6,7…that these lows hold for now. After all, 1100 Dow points in 5 days should be enough. Keep in mind, any potential bounce would only be working off some of the recent vicious drop. The major trend would not have changed.

Again, the Fed has blinked. The Fed has juiced markets since the lows. We had better not get to the point where markets extend a certain finger back at them.

Pay more attention to the big picture!

We are noticing today’s pre-market is being yonked again. The hope by many was that yesterday was a good washout day. A washout day occurs when everyone who had not sold, panic out AFTER the drop…leading to a near-term low. This occurs on massive volume. So…yesterday does fit the definition. So…today’s open gives the market another chance to defend itself at or near the same levels as yesterday. Another reversal today would go a long way in telling us the markets have found a place where enough is enough. But one cannot predict this. One can just react to this. And to be blunt, that is the trees. The trees are a “1” while for forest is a “10” when looking at markets.

So while we believe a low can be carved out here if we can reverse again, keep in mind, it would be just part of the process we have outlined for you. The topping process took months. The top just occurred. And now that markets are stretched away from the norm, markets will tend to bounce up into the norm as they work off the stretched and oversold condition. Only in price and time does this occur before markets roll over again continuing the process.

We expect more wild swings and a lot of noise that affects markets. We also continue to believe if things worsen, the Fed will intervene with another round of QE. We do believe yesterday’s late rally was in part, the Fed intervening

Regardless, we continue to be in earning’s season where another part of a bearish process is now starting to be fulfilled and that is big blow-ups. In bullish phases, blow-ups do not occur as often. Today, we walk into a gargantuan gap to the downside in Netflix.



By Gary Kaltbaum
President, Kaltbaum Capital Management
Fox News Business Contributor

Unfortunately, the process has led to the market top of consequence that we thought was occurring. Now we are seeing the market ‘event” that we were worried about. We do not like using the other word.

Keep in mind, the past two meltdowns were caused by excessively easy monetary policy…which caused massive “over-leverage” of the one-sided trade. The Fed has again been successful at setting those conditions as you are seeing the “over-leverage” just start to come off.

At this juncture, somewhere in here has to be some sort of relief rally but notice under these conditions, the rallies only last a few hours. We keep our fingers crossed now that a panic of some sort does not occur but cannot rule it out as the conditions for such are out there. In any case, the market is in definitive bearish form that should not be toyed with.

We are no Milton Friedman but we have to believe the market is forecasting a global slowdown if not outright recession. The printing of money did nothing but interfere with free markets and an economy that should be left alone. The grand experiment employed by the few who have no faith in the US economy, an economy that has thrived for so long, has once again distorted price and yield which gave rise to too much leverage for the third time in 15 years. When will they learn their lesson? And we are only a few percent off the highs.

Add in a feckless administration…and you fill in this blank.

We expect the Fed to intervene in some fashion if things worsen. Yippee!


A big up day ends not so big…though strong TRANS,SEMIS and SMALLCAPS for a change. We do suspect there is a bounce of consequence out there as the recent drop usually gets worked off with some upside. But there was something else we saw that caught our eye. A fedhead named Williams, by no accident, came out and stated if economies headed south, more QE needed to be looked at. We do not believe anything is said by these people without a reason. Thus…our expectation of more QE may have just been telegraphed.



The TRANSPORTS open up 175 points on the back of a proposed buyout in the RAILS…and finish down 175 points. This is indicative of major institutional distribution.

The maarket teases the upside and downside throughout the day…only to melt down again into the close. This is indicative of major institutional distribution.

Just about every pundit on the tube is saying no biggie, everything is ok, it is just a correction, market is cheap…and blah blah blah.

The only good news is that the market is beyond oversold…in which areas like ENERGY are beyond stretched to the downside beyond all norms. This can lead to a good counter-trend rally, even a vicious rally. But the fact the market and certain areas can get so oversold and stretched to the downside is again indicative of major institutional distribution.

And now…earnings about to come out in droves. Expecting random, wicked and vicious action to both the upside and downside.





While so many are already saying that what we are seeing is just one of those normal corrections and that the recent drop came out of nowhere, you know that from what we have been telling you for months and more strongly in the past few weeks, that we very much disagree. Simply put, we have been telling you the market was in a classic topping process and now it looks to now be turning into a classic market top.

As we have told you, tops do not happen in a flash. They happen over time as the “termites” chip away. Tops are a process of a narrowing down of the market as money flows from the average stock and parks in the biggest names that have so much influence on the popular indices. While the popular indices hold up, termites continue to eat away at the market. This has been seen in the horrid action of the small caps and mid caps versus the big names that are in the Dow, S&P and the NDX. In fact, when the Dow and S&P were just a day off recent highs, there were 50 new highs and 250 new lows. When the Dow and S&P were at new highs, only about 40% of all stocks were in good technical position. This is the market screaming that underneath the surface, trouble lies ahead. And now, to make matters worse, after this past nauseating week, only about 25% of stocks are in good technical shape…and that’s being nice. Of those, it is mostly defensive names in areas like Utilities, food, drugs, beverages and household products. Adding a little more fuel to the fire, all major indices are either down to or have broken the long term 200 day moving average…with the small, mid and NYSE all way below that important area of support. But we are not done. Foreign markets are being crushed. This goes hand in hand with market tops of importance.

And of course, this past week’s action speaks for itself. All asset classes were whacked with the Sox down 9% and the Transports at a 7% drop. Frankly, there is not much we can find to like about this market except the very oversold condition which will eventually lead to a good bounce. But before we get to the short term, here is the rest of the evidence that showed up in recent months:

MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MARGIN. Margin is your best friend in bull markets but worst enemy in bearish phases. Margin went to all-time highs in the past month.

A TON OF SECONDARIES AND IPOS. Not only does this add supply to the market but more importantly, just another characteristic that shows up in the late stages of bull phases. One can also add in how far the bar has dropped on the IPOS as most IPOS in recent months lose money and a few had no sales. We repeat: NO SALES. The fabulous investment banks foisted upon a greedy and unwary public a bunch of no sales Biotechs. 1999 anyone? Lastly on this front, Alibaba with a measly $230 billion market cap with only $8 billion in sales. Are you kidding?

EXCESSIVE FROTH AND SPECULATION. When you see biotechs with no sales have multi-billion dollar market caps…that’s froth. When you see 10 cent stocks go to $3…that’s froth. When you see a biotech with no sales announce a good trial and triples overnight…that’s froth.


MERGERS,BUYOUTS AND MORE MERGERS AND BUYOUTS. To be blunt, mergers and buyouts do not happen at lows. We also need to add in the insane valuations of private equity deals, some with $10 billion market caps with no sales. Again, 1999!

This leads us to the here and now. We have several thoughts on several fronts.

We would love to give thoughts on the short term but it is the least important and too random. Just look at last week’s wild action. Whether or not the market bounces from here or after further downside, we would rather you pay more attention to the big picture…and that markets across the globe are in trouble.

OUR BIGGEST WORRY REMAINS THE ONE-SIDED TRADE COMBINED WITH ALL THE MARGIN. This could lead to a market “event!” We do not predict such things but recognize the conditions being out there. This leads us to our final thoughts on the Fed. If the market does crack wide open, WE EXPECT THE FED TO ANNOUNCE QE4. Yes…Janet Yellen will turn right around and rifle up the printing presses as Bernanke’s and Yellen’s main goal is to keep asset prices moving higher. While we think that would cause a strong short-covering rally, we doubt it will change the top that is being put in place, but granted, you never know as the amount printed has been unfathomable.



Markets reversed on heavy volume yesterday off of nauseating lows as THE FED CHANGED THEIR STANCE AGAIN. This column has noted for years that the Fed is doing everything in their power to stop markets from going against their wishes. So…in an about face, instead of a time table for raising rates…it is now WE WILL LET YOU KNOW. One fedhead, in a timely fashion, stated we should not raise rates for a long while. And away we go.

But let’s be smart here. After scanning the market, for us, not much has changed. What has changed is probably gold is done on the downside for now as the recognition of easy money forever comes back to the forefront. Remember, we have told you the fed would never raise rates unless the market made them raise rates.

After that, we just had a big oversold rally in areas that have been trashed recently…with the best areas holding support. The strongest groups remain BIOTECH, RAILS and BIG FINANCIALS with all holding their 50 day average yesterday. One other note…notice how the SOX held the 600 mark again..the place of the breakout and the recent hold. Also notice how strong a move the SOX had yesterday off that support.

The one thing that gives us pause this morning is how Europe is having a non-reaction to yesterday’s big move…especially the German Dax which we give a lot of weight to. As of this second, the Dax reversed a decent move up but there are still a few hours left. We will continue to watch this closely.

We would suggest that some backing and filling is due as we enter earning’s season…and as usual will pay attention to the reactions for clues.


Europe, the dollar, Isis, Ebola, George Bush, Geno Smith…there are tons of reasons pundits are spewing on why the market is getting in trouble. But so far, I haven’t seen one mention the money printing. Not one mentions the direct correlation between THE MONEY PRINTING AND THE STOCK MARKET. Tonight, we will recap all the characteristics that have showed up over the past few months that we told you always show up in advance of an important market top…which indeed has led to the recent nausea…but ladies and gentlemen…the last two times the Fed stopped printing money, the markets experienced a 17 and 20% correction respectively. Why should it be different this time? In fact, it was almost to the day that the market bottomed the last go round when Mr. Bubble unleashed his maniacal, market interfering, bubble creating $85 billion/month in printed money. This is on top of the manical 0% interest rate policy.

The thought process is simple. Absent Janet Yellen waking up, pulling off her mask to show that she is really Ben Bernanke…and decides to start printing again, we suspect there is more time and price as we move forward. Shorter-term action will be random but the big picture continues to worsen. Earning’s season is now straight ahead where a lot of jello will be moving on the plate.

More tonight here and on radio 6:06 pm at if not in your city.