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Fortune 500’s 10 most profitable companies

Which companies in the Fortune 500 earned the most last year? Here are the top 10 with the highest profits.


Guess the gap!

Another gap day this morning. This time to the downside.

We have taken pains to not get too excited when markets are up and not too depressed when markets are down. One just has to recognize markets remain range-bound with half the market in crappy shape and half the market doing just fine. Both halves fight against each other leading to a stalemate in the market. So…to be brief, we will have our award winning weekend report covering all areas of the market on the weekend.

RIP Dusty Rhodes. In my teens, I was at Miami Beach Convention Center every Wednesday to watch the American Dream beat the bad guy. I remember his opponents. I remember the matches. Very depressed today!

Facebook’s Big Bet on Virtual Reality