More Ick!

Hey…we now have a Bush and a Clinton running for Prez. Rumor has it the great great great grandson of John Adams is next!

Not much to say today. More yuck yesterday overall. But the good news is there remains a handful of strong cyber-security names, growth semis and a few others but after that…

Unfortunately, we have to deal with the Fed again tomorrow. We have no clue as to what they will say or what they will do but our mantra has been that they will not raise rates until the market makes them. Notice how there has been rumblings for months and months with nothing done. We have written the Fed asking them to only have quarterly meetings and have not received an answer. We are just tired with their constant interference.

We still like the action in the low beta financials but now look to be in pullback mode.

Lastly, just get it over with. Tell Greece to take a powder as they are never going to pay back their debts. Enough sitting around waiting for this nonsense.

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