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Waiting on the Fed…and Donald Trump!

While we are waiting on the fed today to tell us blah blah blah…and while the market continues to just move back and forth in a tight range, we wanted to talk Donald Trump.

Besides the fact that we love success stories like Donald Trump, we wanted to address the reaction to the news he is now telling us he is running for President. First off, we don’t have an opinion on whether Mr Trump could win or whether he would be a great President but we noticed the media treating him as if he was a clown and we are also noticing many politicians that have done a great job taking this country south also making fun of him. As a reminder:

Mr. Trump has not created any of the $18 trillion of debt both Republicons and Democraps have created.

Mr. Trump did not send our troops into Iraq and misjudged the whole war.

Mr. Trump did not sit on the sidelines watching Isis grow and do nothing about it.

Mr. Trump did not steal any money from the supposed social security trust fund to where it is all IOUs.

Mr. Trump did not invent Obamacare where premiums are going up, deductibles are going up and accessibility has gone down.

Mr. Trump did not fumble, stumble and bumble our immigration system to the point we don’t have an immigration system.

Mr. Trump did not single-handedly destroy the coal industry over the past 6 years.

Mr. Trump did not create a foundation that has turned into nothing but a self-dealing slush fund.

Mr. Trump did not create the housing bubble nor the asset bubble we are in right now based on trillions in printed money and 0% rates for the past 7 years.

Mr. Trump did not sic the IRS on his opponents.

Mr. Trump did none of these but all the past politicians did along with the corrupt, lying on their back, paws in the air, tongues wagging, in the tank lapdog media. Yet they are all making fun of Mr. Trump! We just love politics!

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