Bounce continues but…

The bounce continued off of the fed blah blah blah. I keep hearing and reading that the Fed will raise rates in September. Whoop-dee-do! Going from 0-1/4% to 1/4% is doing nothing. But we see nothing in anything said that indicates such…but nevertheless, the easy money continues.

Hate to say it but major indices remain range-bound with a ton of deterioration. The past 2 days were led by transports and other lagging areas. Not sure what that means. As we stated, we just find it interesting that so many reported Tuesday morning what we have been telling you for months…and that was the ongoing deterioration. Maybe that reporting was an inflection point. Time will tell. For us, the most important occurrence was the 2040 hold on the S&P.


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    Gerald Boysen says:

    Gary I read your article each morning, and when I can listen to your 3pm Arizona time radio show.
    I’m 76, and my investments of stocks and individual bonds total around $100,000, give or take market corrections. I already lost 50% of my portfolio, a number of years ago, and don’t want to do it again. It would seem to me that this announcement and/or actual action, could cause the stock market to take a dive 20%-30%. Than the next question, how long would it take to recover?
    Thus wouldn’t the cautious action to take, is sell everything into cash, and than wait for a recovery?
    “ U.S. Dollar Substitute In The Works
    In October 2015, the International Monetary Fund (the IMF) is expected to announce a reserve currency alternative to the U.S. dollar.
    This announcement will start a domino effect that will essentially determine who in America gets rich in the years to come… and who struggles.”
    P.S. According to Bloomberg, this announcement could send literally trillions of dollars moving around the world. Learn how this is all likely to play out, and exactly what it could mean for you and your money.”…..

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