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    “OY VEY!” By Gary Kaltbaum January 4, 2016 @GaryKaltbaum garyk.com Fox News Business Contributor When you arrest people because they are negative on the market…when you tell people not to sell…when you tell people they can’t sell…when you do everything possible to set conditions so no one sells…they sell. THAT’S CHINA FOR YOU. We have […]

The Morning Look

Stock Market Overview: U.S. stock futures are down sharply this morning dragged lower by a new round of selling in Asia. The selling began in China when their stock market plunged over 7% and triggered new circuit breakers that were put in place today. The new measures were announced after last summer’s steep decline. Monday marks […]


  “A NEW YEAR BEGINS” By Gary Kaltbaum garyk.com @GaryKaltbaum Fox News Buiness Contributor The review of the past year is pretty simple because not much has changed. The stealth bear market we have been telling you about for months and months continues to be masked by a few of the bigger-cap major indices. To […]

Required Reading Of The Day

Iran see ‘divine vengeance’ after Saudis execute cleric White House: more time needed for new Iran missile sanctions Attack on Iraqi military base kills at least 15: sources Militiamen occupy U.S. national parks building in Oregon U.S. seeks key figure in Honduran money laundering case Missouri assesses flood damage, U.S. South still imperiled