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Stocks Fall Hard Across The Globe Obama tightens gun rules, requires more background checks Obama administration asks top court to reject Texas abortion law South China Sea tensions surge as China lands plane on artificial island Exclusive: Dalian Wanda clinches deal for Legendary Entertainment – source

The Closing Look

Stock Market Commentary: Stocks tanked on Monday after a new round of selling began in China. Overnight, Chinese stocks plunged a whopping 7% which triggered a world wide sell-off across the globe. Stocks in China were halted after new circuit breakers were introduced today. Monday was the first trading day for the month, quarter and year and […]


    “OY VEY!” By Gary Kaltbaum January 4, 2016 @GaryKaltbaum garyk.com Fox News Business Contributor When you arrest people because they are negative on the market…when you tell people not to sell…when you tell people they can’t sell…when you do everything possible to set conditions so no one sells…they sell. THAT’S CHINA FOR YOU. We have […]