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Required Reading Of The Day

Obama plan to ease new U.S. visa limits faces skeptics in Congress Female suicide bombers kill over 60 people in northeast Nigeria: officials Google says U.S. guidance crucial to development of self-driving cars North Korea executes army chief of staff: South Korean media

Feel the Bern!

Since “the Bern” won last night, we felt it important to repeat some facts about the Bern! The scam and the con called Bernie Sanders! By Gary Kaltbaum February 10, 2016 Bernie Sanders…Bernie Sanders is not funny. He is not to be applauded. He is not to be called uncle. Bernie Sanders is selling you […]

Bear Market Rallies…

Just in case you have forgotten! Bear market rallies: Are sharp, quick, make you feel good, get everyone calling a bottom, wipe the smiles off the bear’s faces, suck you in…and then bury you soon after. Bear market rallies are typically stronger than bull market rallies because of the vicious short covering. Bear market rallies, […]

The Morning Look

Stock Market Overview:  Stock futures are up nicely after the three day steep sell off we experienced on Wall Street. This appears to be another oversold bounce as there remains virtually no quality leadership to speak of.  Oil prices fell 5% on Tuesday and closed in the high $20’s.  Gary called the top perfectly for […]