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Obama asked Republican leaders to offer top court nominee: White House New bin Laden documents show a suspicious, pressured al Qaeda Supreme Court set to consider contentious Texas abortion case ‘Bond King’ Gross: I did not quit Pimco

Guess the gap!

“Gary…markets reverse lower yesterday and just gap up today on bad economic numbers. What gives? What gives? The same as the past 7 years. Bad news=good news especially when central banks are in full mouthing off. Japan 10 year is now negative. IMF says we need worldwide stimulus! (Not kidding) Europe says more to come. […]

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  Highlights From Monday’s Show: Inside Politics: Get Gary’s Take On The Political Scene Ahead of Super Tuesday Market Wrap – Find Out What Happened on Wall Street Feb’s Lows Probably Hold For Now A Lot Of Cross Currents February 29, 2016 Investor’s Edge: 02/29/2016 Listen to today’s show by clicking here.