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Not Much Has Changed!

We would love to give you some massive changes in market thought as we head into the last week of trading…but in bad English…we ain’t got none! All that happened last week in the 3 day romp back up was that the worst areas of the market, which were ridiculously oversold, has a good rally/bounce. […]

The Morning Look

Stock Market Overview: As of this writing (6:15am), U.S. stock futures are down as we begin the final trading week of the year. Oil prices which jumped sharply last week are down again this morning and the media is suggesting that’s the reason our futures are down. Remember this is the last week of the year […]

Required Reading Of The Day

Death toll passes 26 amid tornadoes, flooding in South Iraqi army prepares for final push to take Ramadi from Islamic State Russia says air force has not hit civilian targets in Syria Chicago police officer shoots, kills two, one by mistake Pope urges help for Cuban migrants stranded in Central America Saudi Arabia intercepts ballistic […]