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Another up day. Just be careful. As we screened 1500 stocks, 200 sectors, many countries and commodities, it seems to us we just have a “beyond oversold” rally of unknown price and time. The MAJOR TREND does not change on two days up. Just about everything still trade BELOW the 200 day average with the […]

Down $78- UP $14

By Gary Kaltbaum October 31, 2018 Before we do markets, we must mention that the president, who picked supreme court justices based on interpreting the constitution and “settled law” now lets us know “just kidding!” Yummy!  With another wild action day yesterday, culminating with finally, a decent close…combined with this morning’s  gap to the upside, […]


Futures were strong earlier but now down…down much more on the NASDAQ/NDX. Big TECH continues to be yonked. We were even surprised how weak the market was yesterday. When a market is stretched. extended and oversold, bounces usually occur. So far, they haven’t lasted a day. Continue to sit back and be patient. Our thesis […]