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By Gary Kaltbaum- March 17, 2018 We just wanted to alert you to some very important facts. Not opinion…facts! These numbers must be watched as very important costs continue to go up. Cost of energy, cost of borrowing, cost of doing business. All evidence in is that the economy remains in decent shape. After all, […]


Futures down modestly on the S&P but down decently on the NDX. CSCO not helping. NTES whacked. Others to the downside are PLCE, ACXM, TTWO, JACK. On the upside are BZUN, DDS, WMT, MLNX, WWE. Yesterday was about RETAIL as a few names moving out of range. NKE, M, URBN,come to mind but also good […]


Pullback yesterday…no biggie. The thought process coming in was market was tired off of the move off of the lows at longer term support. We suspect we are going to continue be range-bound…but range-bound is not bad. It elongates bases. It isolates strength. Of note: 10 year shot through 3% and now at multi-year high. […]


Over the weekend we said markets were stretched, extended and overbought in the near term. On radio yesterday, we said market felt ready for pullback. Not because anything is bad. It just felt tired along with the overbought conditions along with the action yesterday. Of course, that doesnt mean markets have to pull back. Overbought […]


Last weekend, we wrote to you about two important days that led us to believe another good low was in but this time a move off the lows could be better than the last time. We simply saw the market have another strong reversal day on Thursday May 3rd followed by a strong day on […]