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A friendly reminder that while masses protest the Trump administration for many of the policies Obama had in force, while the media who turned a blind eye to anything negative on Obama and only covers negative on Trump, while the right looks for another judge, while the left tries to block that judge, while Trump […]


End of quarter, oversold, massive put buying and important support levels won the day yesterday and continue this morning. We have been telling you all week that it was end-of-quarter window dressing week. Of course, window dressing is illegal so does not happen. It finally hit yesterday and right where it was needed. The NASDAQ […]


The DOW had a chance to hold the 200 day. The S&P had a chance to hold the 50 day. In fact, markets were very strong out of the box yesterday…but that big reversal changed it up. AS WE HAVE TOLD YOU, more than half the market was already in different stages of bearishness with […]