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Another gap? Another gap to the upside? Another gap on another bit of news on China? Another gap on news of another meeting with China? Another gap on another meeting that may or may not happen with China? What’s the number? 30, 40, 50 meetings or announcements of meetings in the past 15 or so […]


Words of wisdom on gapping up after gapping down after gapping up after….and just running in place. Tread lightly and tread carefully. Eventually and always, markets will come out of this one way or another. The past 5 weeks support still holding but internals remain crummy. And do not mention what happened to the Mets […]


—-This morning, the ISM Manufacturing index for August came in at 49.1%. Estimates were for 51.3%. It is important to note that the  line between expansion and contraction is 50.0%. This reading ends a 35 month expansion and is the lowest since January of 2016.—- —-Our thoughts:—– —–We have believed we were in slowdown mode. […]


—-Back in the states. Looks like Florida dodged a huge one. We have personally been in many hurricanes. We were just north of Andrew but went down to help the next day. Parts of south Miami were destroyed. We think this could have done the same. That said, we cannot forget what is happening in […]


As you know, we do not rationalize price. We do not rationalize constant tweeting that everything is wonderful when it is not. We do not rationalize “China wants a deal” uttered every day. We do not rationalize massive easing by central banks. We do not rationalize recession predictions and even some depression predictions. We do […]