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Even though price is about the same as the previous two rallies, this one feels different. We are seeing beta/tech acting better. We are seeing a few names in that SOFTWARE group setting up or edging out of range. We are just feeling the overall tone as being much better. But: We are now starting […]


Futures flattish and that is actually good news. Need some working off the latest surge off of extreme conditions both in price to the downside and bearish sentiment. This rally feels better than the last two. We completely doubted the last two as they were nothing more than bear market rallies. Both lasted less than […]


Gross day yesterday but a gap to the upside today. Futures turned up when China eased overnight…again. Also, news of ANOTHER trade meeting even though everyone knows there will be trade meetings. The big economic story is a MUCH MUCH MUCH better than expected employment number as we are being told more than 300,000 jobs […]


We are being asked quite a few times today whether the market can reverse back up today…so…in past weeks we have seen a 900 point reversal in 90 minutes…a 1,000 point rally out of nowhere in just a few hours and our actual favorite was NewYear’s eve day when the Dow rallied over 150 points […]