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To our friends in the path of Florence, As someone who has been through many weather events, not only hurricanes but also tornadoes (my first week in Florida had a tornado rip through my apartment)…DO NOT SCREW WITH MOTHER NATURE. Err on the side of caution. Hurricanes have no bias. Rich or poor…race, creed, color…does […]


Yesterday’s pre-market was not so good but the 21 day moving average contained the DOW and S&P with the NDX and NASDAQ contained near the 50 day. The RUSSELL is also holding the 21 day. Add in AAPL and AMZN holding 21 day. Add in the continued strength in a select group of growth names […]


I still remember where I was standing, what I saw, how I saw it, what I said. Another plane hit. My exact words yelled out: “IT’S A F—ING TERRORIST ATTACK!” I remember the drive home. I remember the whole day. I remember the next few days as the market was closed. I cannot believe it […]


Even with major indices just off highs, there is a ton of weakness. We are seeing HOUSING breaking down from low levels, continued weakess in GAMING, GOLD/SILVER, STEEL, COMMODITIES, SEMI-EQUIPMENT which is being blasted, DISK DRIVES, HOTELS, AUTOS, a few select RETAIL showing some tops, a ton of OILS, all the other countries and areas […]


Not a good day yesterday for TECH/INTERNET/SOCIAL MEDIA. Names like FB, GOOGL, TWTR act poorly. They are a tail wind for market for a long time. On top of that, even AMZN and AAPL now pulling back. On top of that, poor action in TSLA and NFLX not helping. TSLA down another $15 this morning […]