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Futures are down decently this morning. Recently, we had been telling you about a bunch of divergences in the market. Namely: Advance declines not keeping up. Anemic new highs vs new lows. Small caps again underperforming badly. Transports breaking support and the 50 day moving average. Regional banks rolling over badly with bigger banks now […]


Futures about as flat as flat can be but: COHR breakaway gap to the upside. TTWO strong gap to the upside. Other gappers are DXC, PLNT, MTCH, SYNA, REGN, HUM. Not a lot on downside. SNAP whacked even though someone taking a position in company. WIX, WEN, MGM, DVA also down. Just to recap yesterday: […]


With the DOW finishing up: The TRANSPORTS are moving below the 50 day. The RUSSELL 2000 is already rolling over and headed towards the 50, if not more. Smaller and medium banks may be rolling over. (KRE) (KBE) New highs vs new lows had been pathetic…and needs to be watched. A/D 9-21 on NASDAQ today […]


Lots of jello moving on the plate this morning…while futures are flat: PCLN down $160…yikes. Others gapping down are CAR, TRIP, SWKS, RRGB, TRUE, MNK, VERI, FN. Some are very big gaps to the downside. WTW breakway gap to the upside…the same on RCL. Others to the upside are VRX, HAIN, MTW. Other notes: Keep […]


Futures are back to flattish after being down overnight. The Hang Seng was down 500 points but finished down a measly 6 points. Bear markets last hours right now. Not a lot in the way of earnings but: AVGO buying QCOM and AVGO goes up…even though QCOM sales and earnings are down. QCOM does not […]