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After a very good reversal Friday, market gives it back on the gap this morning as Asia weak and yields are falling again. If one was looking at stocks, one would think the economy and earnings are accelerating. If one was looking at bonds, one would think all heck is going to break loose. We […]


The fake jobs report better than expected so rates backing up decently today…calling into question how much rate cutting will be done…hitting markets in the pre-market. The 10 year has backed up 0.86 to 2.039…still ridiculously low. GOLD sinking on this news. Instead of being long winded…we’ll just end it here and send you full […]


This is not to throw cold water on yesterday’s gap…and the fact is it could have been worse as the Dow almost got close to break even…just letting you know to cool your jets. GOLD and GOLD stocks are indeed pulling back but rather harshly yesterday. Unsure right here. Thought the breakout was meaningful and […]

Pre Market

We told the brilliant Stuart Varney last week that we thought if the major indices can move out, it would be a big breakout and should lead to another leg up. But the only index that edged out was the S&P…so not yet. But now, with the tariffs off the table, with Powell going full […]


The big story will be the G-20 meetings and all the trade stuff. We’ll know a lot more over the weekend. FINANCIALS gap up this morning as EVERYONE beats the fake stress tests. This enables these financials to raise dividends and buy back more stock. GOLD still in bullish pullback. As we stated a few […]