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Futures pretty much flat with a few beta names getting the usual target raises whenever they are not acting as well as the analysts want. Yes…shenanigans. Other than that: Earnings this week: Tuesday- FAST, OMC, PEP Wednesday- CSX Thursday- DAL, TSM…airlines act well. Lower oil not hurting. Friday- Financials start up with C, JPM, PNC, WFC. […]


At this juncture, the SEMIS are the most important group to watch. As they go, beta goes. SEMIS are very strong today. You can see the 1020 breakout and support has held for now. If it continues to hold, we give very little chance for the “market” to further break down. That does not mean […]


We are writing this before the fake job’s number. Futures flat. More damage done but keep in mind, major indices are only down a smidge. Not even close to real damage being done. We just think that at best, things get tougher and at worst, the next level of support will break…which means more to […]