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All you need to know is that SEMIS moving to highs…NASDAQ/NDX remain strong…growth completely ignoring any market weakness…REGIONAL BANKS (KRE) to new highs…bigger FINANCIALS not buckling. This all happening while so many other areas are in bad shape. There is no chance of going back to the lows and no chance of a bear market […]


The big news is that the Knicks are having another terrible year…ooops….that’s our sport’s report. The big news is that a guy named Gary is out at the White House. Futures are down but what’s 1% between friends. Firstly, in a bull market, bad news is ignored. Right now, the bull market has been interrupted […]


What? You never see a Dow down 150, only to finish up over 300? Seems the norm right now. Here is what matters!   GLAMOUR GROWTH still acting strong measured by NASDAQ/NDX. SEMIS strong. FINANCIALS, especially SMALLER/REGIONALS strong. BAC and JPM holding the 50 day. We do not need to talk about any other areas. […]


Pre market: Futures down decently as they have dropped in the past few minutes. This after a nice reversal to the upside Friday led by the glamour growth names and for a change, the small caps. Tidbits: The NASDAQ/NDX/SOX all held the 50 day Friday. These are your leading areas. We are actually amazed there […]


Hope you paid no attention to the Dow today. We knew something was up when the Dow was down 200 but the NASDAQ/NDX was turning green. Today was a strong market day. Today was a strong reversal day…regardless of the DOW. The A/D on the NASDAQ is 20-8. Even the A/D on the NYSE is […]