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No power at home. No phones or internet at offices. Yippeee! But we are grateful as we know so many have it so much worse…and we are thinking of them. We hear over 25% of the homes in Key West have been lost. Wow! Another good day yesterday as new highs pick up, the tone […]


The direct inverse correlation with the financials and interest rates continues…that’s long end interest rates. As the 10 year yield was whacked down to 2%, financials headed lower with with the regionals bearing the brunt. All it took was rates to back up for 2 days and we get a 2 day romp back up […]


Power being restored. I am one of 4 houses in community still without but hopefully soon. Go to my twitter feed to check out amazing pictures at my house. A bunch of big trees down but amazingly, went down away from the house instead of on the house. Great day in the market yesterday. Last […]


Well…made it through 100 mph winds last night…and a ton of rain. Not so sure how well rest of Florida did. Keeping fingers crossed. You can go to my twitter feed and check out some of the video I took. And we must not ever forget what day this is…16 years ago today…amazingly it has […]


Hey…how’s your day? As I write this from my hotel room near Disney at 830 pm et, we are being battered with gusts about 75 mph…and feel lucky. Talked to my bestest of friends in SE Florida today…hit with gusts over 100. One had two big trees on his roof…and that’s for starters. Watched SW […]