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By Gary Kaltbaum-The day after the election!     -Well, the world has not ended…yet. In spite of the president pulling a Krugman to say your 401Ks are going to be slammed because of an election, so far…nothing doing. In fact, markets are set to open up quite nicely. Of course, we know that could change […]


We continue to stick with our call from last Wednesday morning that A LOW was finally put in after  nauseating drop. It is at that point we let the cards come out of the deck feeling that sellers were finally washed out. Since, markets have edged up but we must tell you, the rally so […]


It is 715 am here in Brussels, Belgium. Happy voting day today. Our prediction is that the Reps keep the senate but the Dems take the house with the Dems doing better in the house than expected. We think Trump and the Reps missed a tremendous opportunity in past weeks highlighting the economy but instead […]


-The markets rallied off of some of the most stretched, extended and oversold conditions we have seen in a long but:- -Every major index except the DOW, almost every sector and most countries still trade UNDER the LONGER-TERM 200 DAY MOVING AVERAGE.- -Leadership remains almost nil with mostly defensive names showing the best relative strength. […]


Greetings from our offices in Amsterdam. (sarcasm) On Wednesday morning, we called A low based on excessive pessimism, excessively stretched and extended to the downside combined with the strong close on Tuesday. But dang! Way way better than we would have thought but then again, this happened in February also. Right after A low was […]