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GH big move yesterday on more losses. $90 Million sales…$8 Billion market cap. This morning…DOMO and MDB gapping up…both on big losses…but analysts say sales growth is strong. Just reporting the news. Pretty much went from “end of the world” to “it’s like 1999” in 2 months…all off a change of stance in central banks. […]


Well…that was one heck of a day. Look how in one week how things changed. Last Monday, we identified a near-term high in the market. On Friday, we identified a near-term low because of the late reversal. But yesterday’s action rated a big WOW as Boeing’s action could have hurt things. Instead, BA got back […]


We thought Friday’s action stopped last week’s bleeding as markets reversed into the close. This morning: Even though BA is down 50 points because of another crash…that’s about 325-350 dow points: Futures (except for the DOW) are up decently. Powell was on 60 Minutes talking EASY MONEY…think that is doing the trick this morning. MLNX bought by […]


Lots of talk about the 10 year anniversary of the bull market and why! Readers of our maniacal reports know we are big believers that central banks around the globe have been doing their best to stave off bear markets. Whenever one shows up, easy money, easier money or easy money rhetoric go center stage. […]