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Well that was not nice. But not much changed. More than half the market remains bearish. The less than half that has been leading, especially NASDAQ/NDX/SEMIS/GROWTH all pulled in. Blame was said to be on the administration that blocked the AVGO for QCOM deal…but we could care less. Those areas pulled in. That’s all. Just […]


Looks like and “feeling” like the stretched, extended and “overboughtness” of the NASDAQ/NDX/SEMIS and all that stuff showing up a bit today as many names strong early and now red…does not mean trouble. Just recognize how extended things are in these areas…with stalling and pullback potential in the near-term.


Futures up nicely. SEMIS, TECH, INTERNET, NASDAQ, NDX, BETA, GROWTH. FINANCIALS in shape…just a lot slower than beta. Extended, stretched, overbought in these areas but overbought can get more overbought. DOW was down yesterday…BA, CAT no help. Remember, BA has HAD a monstrous move. Contributed a ton to the DOW. Not sure we need to […]


3 things: Big big big jobs number…no way around it. Our favorite # was the 806,000 that have jumped back into the work force. Futures up VERY STRONG. The NDX will open at a new high…amazingly. Let’s hope the gap holds. We have seen a few too many reverse. Yes…they can reverse markets on best […]