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Not a great day yesterday but not the end of the world. FINANCIALS were strong as C reversed early losses to have a strong gain. That could change for FINANCIALS this morning because JPM had its first miss since 2014. Notwithstanding another reversal to the upside, JPM is trading down $2.60…as we write this. Futures […]

A FEW FACTS: Just about everything has rallied up into, near or on massive overhead resistance where markets had a “waterfall” breakdown or the declining 50 day moving average. In bear markets, this is where or around it is normal to fail…or start failing. This means we would get another topping process of a few […]


-“OUR JAY POWELL INTERVIEW”- -We love David Rubenstein. David Rubenstein  is an “American financier and philanthropist best known as the co-founder and co-executive chairman of The Carlyle Group!” We have followed his great career as well as his great interviews on Bloomberg. Mr. Rubenstein had an interview with Jay Powell today at some Economics Club. The […]


We remain in rally mode off of some of the most oversold, stretched and extended conditions to the downside we had seen since the 87 crash. Price on the upside has still not satisfied buyers. We are now in the midst of massive overhead resistance, the place where the ‘waterfall” dropped occurred. We are not […]