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Strong DOW day yesterday as UNH soars on a flip flop from the prez on drug rebates, BA bounces, GS strong as long yields back up. Most of the rest of the market under-performed. Amazingly, the small and mid caps were again down. Normally we would tell you this divergence must lead to disaster but […]


Mystery last minute pop yesterday gives strong NASDAQ day while DOW was down…no biggie. Futures down this morning when Powell told the world they are lowering rates at the end of the month. Futures now up nicely with major large cap indices opening into new highs. So…GDP in the 3s, unemployment in the 3s, major […]


Futures are down after a down day. But we are not seeing much in the way of damage. In fact, there were a few growth names up nicely yesterday. BUT…if we have multiple days where the A/D is bad, the complexion of patterns could change so stay tuned. Next week, earnings start up in a […]