Entries by Gary Kaltbaum


S&P futures flat…a little better on the NASDAQ/NDX. Keep in mind, the strong NASDAQ/NDX will be swayed by FB,AMZN,AAPL,GOOGL and a few others in the next couple of weeks but so far, it is the real strength. The Semis reasserting back above the 50 day is important. Visa (V) mini-gap. Last quarter’s gap kept the […]


Gappers of note: SHW gapping to the upside off of tight action. Others: CSX, SCSS, AXP, BX, FL. To the downside…URI,WR,PLXS, PM….TRV and VZ small gaps to the downside for 2 Dow stocks. Futures remain up nicely. One of the se days, the strong open will hold but leave no doubt, we are in the […]


Markets continue to have stronger opens and stronger days only to sell off into the close. The good news is the NASDAQ/NDX remains above the 50 day average and seems to continue to have the bid. Earnings on AMZN, FB, AAPL, GOOGL and others will be important. IBM, GS and JNJ good for about 150 […]