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Market sells into close yesterday. Gets it back on a gap today. Germany sells 30 year bonds negative…economy contracting…market up. Central banks in hyper-drive now lowering rates and the president calling for more printing of money here after railing against Obama and Bernanke for their easy money. TGT with the big gap on strong numbers. […]


Futures are flat. No really. No 300 points to the upside or 500 points to the downside. We are not as thrilled as some with the latest jack to the upside. but we recognize Powell got some things going on this week and the great socialist President Trump jawboning Powell for not only lowering rates […]


Random thoughts: Many have it all wrong on this Israel story. Many asking the question who wins and who loses. Many asking whether it hurts Israel with some saying it definitely will. Got some news for them. Israel, the miracle in the Middle East will continue to go on its merry way. 263 miles north […]


—-Since many are asking…—- —–Yesterday morning, we told you that sentiment had turned decidedly bearish and that it was this type of sentiment that leads to good bounces. Just because sentiment turns bearish does not mean markets will bounce. It just sets the conditions for a bounce.—– —–This morning, futures are strong. There really isn’t […]


Never forget one of our most important mottoes: IT’S NEVER BAD UNTIL THE MARKET SAYS SO. Did you notice the national media seemed overjoyed by the big drop yesterday? They seemed happy talking about a possible recession. Must be watching a little too much Bill Maher. Speaking of that, capitalist Elizabeth Warren seemed all thrilled […]