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We want to wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving. Market mixed on the open. DE gaps up but early selling on the gap. BZUN, CAL, GES, HPQ gapping down.   CRM and A down small. OILS and COMMODS bounce early but no leadership there. FINANCIALS also getting a bid…they have lost relative strength […]


Futures strong. When you cannot pull major indices back 1%… PANW, MDT, JEC, DLTR gapping up. PANW up strong. INTU, A, BURL, LOW, DSW, SIG, CPB gapping down. DSW and SIG down big. Pre-holiday trading taking over…then again, feels like pre-holiday trading for quite a while.      


Futures were down recently overnight but have recovered to be on the flat side. Even though it is a shortened week, a decent amount of names reporting earnings this week. Monday- Afer the close-A, INTU, PANW, URBN Tuesday before open: ADI, BURL, CBRL, DLTR, DSW, EV, HRL, JEC, LOW, MDT After the close: BZUN, CAL, […]


Market is closed Thursday and open until 1 pm on Friday. Normally, this week has some seasonal stretch, normally. The negatives: Only about 60% of the market is in good shape…based on our proprietary scans of over 2000 stocks and 200 sectors. Amazingly, there were a couple of days this past week where there were […]


Futures up a wee bit but strong day yesterday. NASDAQ got back in one day what it lost in 5 days…and the 5 days wasn’t that much. If they can only correct the market 1% while internals headed south…you can fill in the blank. Gaps to upside: FL…not as bad as expected. Stock had been […]