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Very quiet early. GOLD/SILVER continue the yonking as DOLLAR strengthens off of Yellen blah blah blah. TRANSPORTS really coming on as RAILS/TRUCKERS and other stuff on the move. Industrial-types also on the move…some say because hurricane…some say just because. More later!


New stuff hitting the screen. The lagging TRANSPORTS maybe no longer lagging. Truckers, rails breaking out. INDUSTRIAL-types…packaging, equipment, chemicals, machinery, construction and all that stuff. Many saying the reason being is the rebuilding after the hurricanes. We dont care why! OILS continue with the better bid as oil prices continue higher. Actually seeing a few […]


All quiet this morning. Prayers to Puerto Rico. Been there about a dozen times. Cannot imagine what 150 mph winds will do. Prayers also out to those affected by earthquake in Mexico. 7.1 is a biggie. Toys R Us bankruptcy… Bad service, bad pricing, bad website combined with massive debt…will do the trick. This was […]


We have power. Never thought I would appreciate lights and air conditioning so much. I want to thank Duke Energy for working their arses off as well as the contractors who came from other states to assist. What a massive job they have had. I saw a few people complain. How the hell do you […]


Still no power at the Kaltbaum abode…but not complaining…as long as the Giants win tonight. ETA for power was supposed to be last night, maybe today…maybe tomorrow. I know Duke Energy people are working their asses off so will just deal with it. We are the lucky ones as sooo many have lost their homes. […]