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We wrote the following report the day after the June 9th debacle in tech/internet and all that stuff. We were not kidding. We believe today’s action confirms our interpretation of what happened on June 9th. Read every word but we put in bold the more important lines. We do expect more nausea notwithstanding violent bounces. […]


S&P futures almost flat but NASDAQ/NDX futures down decently because: GOOGL down $12 as European anti-trust wants to fine them 2.4 billion euros for skewing searches in their favor…and just overall sloppy action yesterday in tech/internet. To be watched…ESPECIALLY THE SEMIS. OIL prices strong this morning. Energy remains in a bear market but a word […]


We never like strong opens and weak closes. Watching the SEMIS and the big TECH/INTERNET and all that stuff. We are less than thrilled with the pattern on the SOX as it drops and wedges up. And now the potential for the same in a lot of tech names . Also, the biggies are now […]


We try to be very careful with our words here. There are too many calling for 5,000 DOW and just as many calling for 50,000 DOW. You know what we mean and you must know, they are usually selling something. We have never called for crashes. We have never called for melt-ups. We do call […]


BIOTECHS blasted out of the big base set-up we told you was occurring. It is now very extended but thinking this is for real. Pullbacks should be looked at. REGIONAL BANKS look the opposite as many are rolling over. Watch the KRE. A break below $51 would be a big negative. The SEMIS still holding […]