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All the talk today will be Trump/Putin. In case you did not know, Russia is an economic shrimp compared to us. In fact, Texas has a larger economy than Russia even though Russia has 5x the people. Their GDP is just 8% of the U.S. GDP even though they have about 35-40% of the people […]


No reason to get too in-depth on the market here as we now enter earnings season. So far, Friday’s reaction to a few big financials was less than stellar. The market has been improving. Even the DOW and S&P are playing catch up. But, by our proprietary estimate, about 50% of the market is still […]


I hold off from writing at night about markets because markets do not seem to have memory from day to day. This morning, we get the opposite of yesterday. Simple as that. A gap to the upside to negate yesterday’s gap to the downside. Thrilled yet. Even the moves in commodities are amazing based on […]