A reminder of some things for tomorrow:


New fedhead announced…a dude named Powell. Nothing gonna change. Trump had a chance to put in someone that would normalize things but realized he wants markets up also.

Tax plan coming out. From what I am hearing, it is less than promised. In fact, there are things in it that downright stink. It seems they are going to raise taxes to lower taxes. Gee thanks!

FB gapped up, then finished down in AH. We’ll see tomorrow.

Other gappers to upside are ESIO, LB, CF, SHAK, FLT, ULTI.

Gapping down are PI, OCLR, FEYE, GPRO, CYH, SYMC, TSLA, YELP, HBI, CAKE, HABT. TESLA did not get away with a big loss but market has been forgiving. We’ll see what happens tomorrow but this is looking more and more like a company that is living off of subsidies, added debt and secondaries. Will not be able to do that forever.