It is with a great sense of disappointment that I write this. Like many others, I hoped that your election would bring a salutary change of direction to the country, despite what more than a few feared was an overly aggressive social agenda. And I cannot credibly blame you for the economic mess that you inherited, even if the policy response on your watch has been profligate and largely ineffectual. (You did not, after all, invent TARP.) I understand that when surrounded by cries of “the end of the world as we know it is nigh,” even the strongest of minds may have a tendency to shoot first and aim later in a well-intended effort to stave off the predicted apocalypse.

But what I can justifiably hold you accountable for is your and your minions’ role in setting the tenor of the rancorous debate now roiling us that smacks of what so many have characterized as “class warfare.”


SOURCE: http://www.nypost.com

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    Dennis S from Orlando says:

    Good Op-ed but I reject the notion that Obama inherited this Economy. When Obama, Pelosi and Reid took control of both houses of Congress in January of 2007 from that point they owned the economy, George Bush was the text Book lame duck president and could do nothing without Pelosi and Reid’s approval.
    Look at the facts, As of January 2007
    Unemployment was at 4.7%
    Average Gas Prices 2.50
    During 2007 under Obama, Pelosi and Reid rule the county started to change. After the first year of their rule unemployment had ticked up to 5%, Gas prices where now over 3 bucks and rising. Rising energy cost were a direct result of the Democrat controlled congress saying no to new oil drilling.
    During 2008 things started to spiral out of control, during this year we would see unemployment go over 7%, Gas prices would top 4 bucks, The Housing market would start its decline. Then of course there was the collapse of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. This occurred just a couple of months after Democrat Barney Frank declared that Freddie and Fannie where in sound financial condition
    All this occurred under a Democrat controlled congress of which President Obama was a part of.

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