Yesterday morning, we thought a chance another A LOW was being put in as we again noticed big tech leaders showing tremendous relative strength. By the close, we were not so sure. We now get a strong gap to the upside. Our last A LOW call lasted all of 3 days. Our biggest worry already is that we are hearing too many calls of THE BOTTOM IS IN. Really? Based on what?  Do they not know bear phases usually last a while and have 3 legs down? Yes…we know the average stock is already down 50%. So we hope the bottom callers are correct. Would be all for it. For now…A LOW…but don’t blink. The market has not even opened yet.

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    Lisa says:

    Gary can you bring attention that there are no disinfectant s to buy . Stores in the Bay Area are wiped out even went to farm stores. We can’t do our part as individuals if we can’t wipe surfaces and clean virus off. We need the govt to take action and make something available right now!

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