We want to wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving.

Market mixed on the open.

DE gaps up but early selling on the gap.

BZUN, CAL, GES, HPQ gapping down.


CRM and A down small.

OILS and COMMODS bounce early but no leadership there.

FINANCIALS also getting a bid…they have lost relative strength recently but look ok.

Otherwise, strong day yesterday. Not much to complain about.


Futures strong. When you cannot pull major indices back 1%…

PANW, MDT, JEC, DLTR gapping up. PANW up strong.

INTU, A, BURL, LOW, DSW, SIG, CPB gapping down. DSW and SIG down big.

Pre-holiday trading taking over…then again, feels like pre-holiday trading for quite a while.





Futures were down recently overnight but have recovered to be on the flat side.

Even though it is a shortened week, a decent amount of names reporting earnings this week.

Monday- Afer the close-A, INTU, PANW, URBN

Tuesday before open:


After the close:




RETAIL been perking up but a bunch report this week. Good reactions last week, better than expected crappy results for a few.


Market is closed Thursday and open until 1 pm on Friday.

Normally, this week has some seasonal stretch, normally.

The negatives:

Only about 60% of the market is in good shape…based on our proprietary scans of over 2000 stocks and 200 sectors.

Amazingly, there were a couple of days this past week where there were more new yearly lows than new yearly highs. We are not sure we have ever seen this before while major indices were less than 1% off their highs. This just tells you our theme of internal deterioration is still at hand.

TRANSPORTS act like crap. We are not into the “DOW THEORY” but should be watched.

SMALL CAPS continue to under-perform. (Though Friday’s action was the opposite considering DOW was down 100.)

INSIDER SELLING is at levels we have not seen in quite a while.

JUNK BONDS have topped. (Near term, in an oversold rally!)

Our favorite SENTIMENT indicators are at record bullishness levels. Granted, there are other sentiment indicators that do show the opposite.

The positives:

MORE IMPORTANTLY THAN EVERYTHING, the DOW, S&P, NASDAQ, NDX are at or near highs…remaining above all major moving averages.

60% of all stocks still remain in shape.

Again, major indices cannot even correct more than 1%.

Rotation continues. We view this as a positive.

WORLD MARKETS remain strong though near term correcting a bit.

Important sectors to watch:

SEMICONDUCTORS starting to feel a little heavy here. Very extended and very overbought. Notice the big reversal in AMAT on Friday off of earnings. We are watching this closely. We think they can correct some here.

OIL pulled back right into support and bounced. Easily, the best area remain the REFINERS…but very extended.

HOUSING very strong but most now extended.

AND a group we haven’t talked about in a while, APPAREL/RETAIL now hitting our screens in a big way. Great reaction off of earnings last week. Names that hit the screen are ANF, BURL, BIG, CAL, DSW, FL, GES, GPS, GOOS, TIF and WAL MART gaps on earnings in a big way.

Lastly, we want to wish everyone a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Take the time to do something for someone you need absolutely nothing from.


Futures up a wee bit but strong day yesterday. NASDAQ got back in one day what it lost in 5 days…and the 5 days wasn’t that much. If they can only correct the market 1% while internals headed south…you can fill in the blank.

Gaps to upside:

FL…not as bad as expected. Stock had been trashed. GPS, ANF, HIBB, ROST,SCVL…notice some RETAIL.

Also SPLK and AMAT. Semiconductor numbers and reactions remain strong.

Only seeing WSM down on numbers.

OILS have been on the pullback but strong oil prices today. Watching reaction as names set up.